Invited Speeches

Over the past 15 years, Ken Block Consulting (KBC) has been invited by medical device industry groups, quality and regulatory associations, educational conference organizers and startup accelerators to author and present speeches at events across the globe. Our hosts have included Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) Japan, American Society for Quality (ASQ), American Medical Devices and Diagnostic Manufacturer's Association (AMDD), Japanese Imaging and Radiological Association (JIRA), and many others including medical device trade shows in the UK, Japan, Ireland, France, Germany, etc. To date, we have given over 50 such speeches, each containing unique content focused on the industry professionals attending these international events, from executives and engineers to regulatory and quality professionals. The broad range of speech topics matches the deep KBC hands-on experience in these areas including cybersecurity, 3D device printing, investigational device studies, newly released FDA guidance documents, software validation, FDA inspections, market entry strategy, and more.